Forensic Engineer Looks UP

In New York City, there is plenty to see: museums, parks, broadway shows and interesting people.  But with over 11,000 buildings taller than 6 stories, there is also plenty to see by looking up.  That is where Eric W. Cowley, PE, and his firm Cowley Engineering, comes in.  “Since 1980, the City of New York has had a Façade Ordinance requiring the exterior inspection of all buildings taller than 6 stories.  My firm has been doing these inspections for over 20 years, so nothing surprises me anymore,” says Cowley.  Cowley is providing his expertise to smaller cities, and helping them customize an effective façade ordinance.  “The objective is proactive maintenance to ensure safety.  The first step is to craft a law that suits the local area, and is sensitive to the area’s economic viability.  The second step is to set up the controls and procedures to implement and monitor the program.  And the third step is to track the repairs.  We provide the consultation and our own database software that monitors and charts the process,” says Cowley.

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