NYC Local Law 11 Cycle 8 update

Earlier in February I attended a 8th cycle update meeting at the NYCDOB.  Key take aways are:

1. All reports must be in a digital format.  This doesn’t mean via email.  The reports must be submitted on a CD or DVD and coded in such as a way so subsequent versions can be tracked.  The TR-6 must be filed in paper format with an original seal from a Professional Engineer and original signatures from a property officer.  The filing fee cannot be paid electronically, so payment must be made by check.

2. The facade division is moving away from the SWARMP classification.  The NYC code requires that buildings be maintained in a SAFE condition.  The SWARMP category was created by the facade division however it isn’t defined in the NYC code.  Look for the facade division to more critically review future SWARMP designations and encourage property Owners to move to a SAFE condition by issuing UNSAFE violations.