LL-7 Cycle Amnesty

The Department of Buildings is implementing a limited duration Amnesty Program to owners who failed to file a Façade Inspection Safety Report (FISP) during Cycle 7.

Owners who didn’t file Cycle 7 report but may have one ready but not submitted, that during the limited time period from May 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015 they may file an early Cycle 8 report regardless of their assigned sub-cycle (A, B or C). Early filing of Cycle 8 report will allow owners to administratively close Cycle 7.

As part of this amnesty, please note the following:
1. This is a program that only allows an early Cycle 8 to be submitted and at the same time, administratively closes out Cycle 7. It is not a program to accept late Cycle 7 reports.
2. All late fees, civil penalties and ECB fines accrued for failure to file during any previous cycles must be paid prior or at the time of filing. The amnesty is contingent upon payment of fees, fines and penalties
3. Please be reminded that since inception of Cycle 8 DOB accepting FISP reports in electronic format only (see DOB website for further details).
4. This is one time amnesty and will not be considered in the future.

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