NYC Local Law-11 Penalties

All fees and civil penalties are required to be paid at the time of filing of the façade report. The Amnesty Program civil penalties will be calculated based on the last date of the amnesty window – June 30, 2015.

Fee schedule is as follows:

Cycle +Filing Date    Failure to File     Late Filing        Total Amount owed

Cycle 5 – 2/21/2002       N/A                      $40,250             $40,250
Cycle 6 – 2/21/2007       N/A                      $25,250             $25,250
Cycle 7A – 2/21/2012   $3,000                  $10,250              $13,250
Cycle 7B – 8/21/2012   $2,000                  $8,750                $10,750
Cycle 7C – 2/21/2013    $2,000                 $7,250                  $9,250

(For example if FISP report wasn’t filed in cycle 6 and 7B total civil penalty will be $25,250+10,750=$36,000)


1. The amounts above do not include a FISP report filing fee of $265.00 per report.
2. Separate payments should be made for the following items:
a. Filing Fee – Any form of payment is acceptable for FISP report      filing fee ($265.00 per report), i.e. cash, check, credit card, etc.
b. “Failure to file” & “Late filing” civil penalties – Must be separate certified bank checks or postal money orders for each civil penalty.
3. Façade Batch Intake Form (FBI1) and Facades Cashier Civil Penalty Form (FCP) (see attached example of FCP form) shall be submitted with the report.
4. Buildings exempt from filing fees and/or civil penalties shall file FISP reports regardless of exemption.


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